Pump Parts

We carry a full line of parts for your Dobbs Pump – motors, pump bases, couplers, shafts, impellors, baffle plates, volutes, suction bells, screens, air relief tubes, hardware, gaskets, or just a simple seal and slinger…They are in stock ready to go!


Our 6’ floats measure 6’x1’x1′ and are available in Black Foam-Filled Plastic. Our 8’ floats measure 8’x2’x16″ and are offered in Black Foam-Filled Plastic. The Plastic floats are UV resistant, rotationally molded using Linear Low-Density Polyethylene featuring thick 3/8” smooth walls and radius corners filled with Polyurethane foam for long-lasting durability.

Discharge Hose

We offer a top quality, UV resistant, lay-flat discharge hose for use with our pumps. We stock various pressure ratings in diameters from 4” to 10” to accommodate your needs. Additionally, we offer draw-bands and double-bolt clamps for attaching to the pump and onshore piping. Special discharges, quick-couplers, and hose menders are also available.

Control Panels

Size 1 – 3 ½ Siemens Class 87 Pump Panels are available. The panels are UL listed, with a NEMA 3R weather-resistant enclosure, which feature Class 14 magnetic starters with a fusible disconnect switch, push-button “Start,” “Hand-Off-Auto” selector switches, water tight conduit hubs, conduit knock-outs on the bottom, and an easy-to-remove door with a full gasket to ensure a dust tight and water tight seal. ESP 200 solid state overload relay and correctly sized fuses come standard.

We also offer “Semi” and “Fully” Automatic upgrades for your convenience. The Semi-Automatic control will stop your Dobbs Pump automatically when the water level reaches a pre-determined point. The Fully-Automatic control will not only stop your Dobbs Pump like the Semi-Automatic does, but it will also turn your Dobbs Pump on at a set water level. 

Water Resistant SO Cable

To power your Dobbs Pump we offer 10/5, 8/5, 6/5, and 4/5 MSHA approved cable that is durable, flexible, water resistant, abrasion resistant and is approved for outdoor use.

Mooring System

We offer ¼” hollow-braided, non-absorbent, UV resistant, black polyethylene rope. The hollow-braided design allows the rope to float on the water surface for easy location. The rope is reasonably priced and sold by the foot.

Self-Cleaning Screens

Designed for the toughest jobs, our self-cleaning screens can be fitted to most Dobbs Pumps. A custom frame-work, plumbing, and booster pump will be required. These screens provide a continuous, intelligent defense against clogging, lost suction, and pump-wear. This is achieved as the rugged and reliable internal backwash system blows debris off and away from the suction, which in turn allows the flow of debris free water to the pump.

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