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Spray Islands

We are excited to offer our rotationally molded, polyethylene aerator/evaporators. These units are constructed of the same UV, chemical resistant material as our floats. Powered by our floating pumps, we can tailor the spray pattern of each aerator/evaporator to your desired outcome. Rugged and durable, these units work great for aeration, evaporation, agitation, and can help reduce odors.

The aerator/evaporators bolt-up to a simple frame-work and float with two 6’ Styrofoam or Plastic floats. The assembled unit is light-weight and easy to transfer. Whether your goal is aeration, agitation, evaporation, or simply to reduce odors we can specify a unit ideal for your application.

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Generally only a 5 HP or 7 ½ HP pump is required for use. Our larger pumps are capable of powering multiple spray islands for even quicker results. You can expect around 250 gallons per minute from each aerator/evaporator.

Our customers are finding the spray island to be a better and more cost efficient method to dispose of water in many different applications.  One such application is land-locked feedlots or other places with lagoons that do not have anywhere to transfer the water to.  In addition, oil field companies are using the evaporators to empty retention ponds instead of incurring hauling and disposal fees.

The water sent to our aerator/evaporator will be sprayed out of the strategically designed discharge ports. The aerator/evaporator can run without any custom nozzles. Should you desire a specific outcome or decorative effect, we will gladly recommend and install a set of nozzles custom-tailored to suit your application and goals whether it be aeration, evaporation, or a combination of the two.

As the liquid is sent upward and outward it cuts through the air. This serves two purposes. First, depending on your set-up, the sprayed liquid will be exposed to a warmer, dryer atmosphere which will promote evaporation. Again, with a good set of nozzles this process can be expedited. Second, as the liquid filters back down to the surface, oxygen is allowed to displace contaminants found in the residual liquid. This phase of the process is a key step in eliminating unwanted and unpleasant odors and is where the aeration process initiates.

Upon descending and colliding with the surface, the oxygen enriched droplets serve several benefits. First and foremost they obviously induce more oxygen into the liquid body. Second, the enhanced droplets mere collision serves to agitate the surface and send concentric radiations throughout the aerated body. Not only will this serve to usher algae to perimeters, it also disrupts the breeding of nuisance insects like mosquitoes, who prefer calm, stagnant waters. Third and a key, often over-looked element of the aeration process is the ability of the oxygen charged droplets to penetrate the surface and pulse into deeper regions. This will decrease negative oxygen and temperature stratifications by serving to mix the diverse stratifications into a more uniform constant. This bodes well for the entire local ecosystem and even discourages sludge build-up in retention ponds.

As you can see, our aerator/evaporator is a very useful and beneficial product designed to withstand the most adverse condition and provide years of trouble-free operation.


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