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Dobbs Corporation offers a full line of floating fountains and aerators manufactured by the Air-O-Lator Corporation*. The fountains range in size from ½ horsepower to 5 horsepower, single phase or three phase, 115 volt or 230 volt. There are 8 different spray patterns to choose from and depending on the spray pattern and horsepower you choose, they have the capability to produce heights up to 50 feet and diameters as wide as 60 feet. Light kits, colored lenses, and a rock cover are optional equipment. The aerators range in size from ½ horsepower to 25 horsepower.

*Dobbs Corporation, Inc. is an Air-O-Lator dealer only and does not install or service these units.

Carnival 4 Vein

Carnival 8 Vein







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