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L.R. Dobbs grew up in the Texas hill country; as a young man he served in the Air Force during World War II. Following his service, he returned home, married his sweetheart, Doris (Lindsay) Dobbs, and was elected Sheriff of Mason County. After his time as sheriff, they began farming and ranching in Colorado, and then farmed near Muleshoe, Texas in the 1950’s. While irrigating crops out of tailwater pits, he was plagued by constant debris and clogging because the turbine and submersible pumps pulled mud and sludge from the bottom of the pit. He sought a solution and set out to correct the problem by creating a pump that could float. The unique design allowed it to pick up the cleanest water just below the surface.

The floating pump he created worked so well that others began to want it for themselves. With demand on the rise, it led to the founding of Dobbs Corporation, Inc. in 1960. Doris began working alongside L.R., answering phone calls and keeping the books. Sales were accomplished the old-fashioned way; personal calls, direct mail, and traveling many miles on roads all over the country. As sales continued to increase, they hired more employees, added additional equipment, and developed a state-of-the-art testing facility. In the mid 1990’s, larger pump models were engineered and added to the pump line up, offering more volume and pressure. Dobbs Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

Although L.R. and Doris Dobbs are no longer with us, the next generations are committed to honoring them by keeping the same original principles that Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs set in place including quality, hard work, honesty, and integrity. Dobbs Corporation still treats each customer like family. This has led to years of word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business. Four generations of the family and many great employees have contributed to the continued success of Dobbs Corporation and although the pumps don’t look the same as they did back in 1960, the original values are still there!

The Dobbs Difference

We are the pioneer and industry leader in the manufacture of floating surface water pumps. This status is achieved by offering a quality product coupled with personal and professional customer service. Satisfaction is guaranteed with your Dobbs Pump.

Each Dobbs Pump is made in America and individually assembled by hand; no assembly line production is used. Every pump is tested under actual load conditions. We will work with you to figure the right pump(s) for your application. Your specific application becomes the baseline by which we monitor voltage, amperage, gallons per minute, and PSI. This ensures your Dobbs Floating Water Pump will meet and exceed your desired expectations.

We ship nationwide and are dedicated to providing the best service before, during, and after the sale.

Think green
  • Our Dobbs Pumps meet and exceed the required efficiency standards from the Energy Independence and Security Act.
  • Our pumps are designed to pump surface water and can re-claim and re-use water.
  • Be smart use surface water when possible!
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