Our pumps range in size from 5 Horsepower through 75 Horsepower and utilize both 1800 RPM and 3600 RPM motors. 5 Horsepower and 7 ½ Horsepower motors are available in Single Phase or Three Phase power. 10 Horsepower through 75 Horsepower motors are set-up for Three Phase power, but can utilize a converter to run with Single Phase power. Our line-up’s capacity ranges from 300 gallons per minute all the way to 2,300 gallons per minute. At the discharge, our larger pumps are capable of 140 PSI.

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  • No Costly Preparation
  • Instant Water
  • No Priming Necessary
  • Follows Water Level
  • Impeller & Screen at Top of Water
  • Easy to Service

Dobbs Floating Water Pumps come complete with a framework, screen, and floats. You will not find a more durable, dependable pump on the market!